Parker Training


Video Courses

Many of our training courses have been recorded in a studio to digital tape using professional studio cameras.  The images of the instructor explaining the course material are combined with images of the slides that accompany each course and the image of a computer terminal showing what students in a live course normally see on the computer screen. 

Instead of grainy, out of focus screen shots and images traditionally associated with VHS-quality video and computer training courses, we are producing broadcast-quality material. On the computer screen this results in a larger, sharper window showing the instructor and the captured screen images.  Typical users will be able to support 800x600 windows with 24 million colors and full stereo digital sound either from their hard drives, a DVD player, or from a streaming video server.  Keeping all editing and processing in the digital domain ensured the highest possible quality. 

A typical video course spans eight to sixteen hours, broken into sixty minute parts (10 to 20 minute parts for Flash-based videos due to their size).  Within each part are sections up to thirty minutes long, each self-contained. This allows students to complete course material as time allows.  Accompanying notes provide all the slides and extra material normally provided in a live course. 

Students can obtain course parts from a CD-ROM, DVD, hard drive, a Web server, or from other digital media as well as on videotape for use away from a computer.  Computer-based training requires no special software on the student’s system: the courses are stored in a streaming format that can be played on a Windows, Macintosh or UNIX system.  No special video card is required. A sound card and speakers or headphones are necessary for audio playback.  Parker Training provides support for all courses through a Web site, a dedicated e-mail address, and a telephone line.  Additional support services are available at extra cost.

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