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Telecommunications Courses


General Telecom

Introduction to Telecom

This course is designed to cover the basics of telecommunications and prepare student to work in telecom development environments. The course examines the principles of telecom, including all the current technologies (CDMA, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, etc). It also examines the issues of carrier-grade versus enterprise development processes.  


This course examines the SS7 protocol in detail, including developing applications in the SS7 environment. The course covers theory and practice, with specific attention paid to SS7 applications and next-generation environments. The course also examines SS7 and VoIP.

Fundamentals of VoIP

The rapid growth of VoIP systems has attracted a lot of attention from developers. This course examines the basics of VoIP, the protocols involved, carrier-grade VoIP implementation, quality of service issues, the latest technologies, and developing for several VoIP systems.

CTI Fundamentals

Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) is a growing arena for service providers and developers. This course looks at the concepts, theory, fundamentals, architecture, design, and development in the CTI arena.

Next Generation Networks

This course examines Next Generation Networks (NGNs) and examines the gamut of technologies involved in NGNs. Topics span a very wide range, and the course acts as an overview to NGN.


Specific Telecom Subjects

Carrier-Grade Development

This course examines the issues involved in developing for a carrier-grade telecom environment. High reliability and robustness are keys to working with carrier-grade equipment, and the subjects involved are examined in detail..

SIP Fundamentals

This course examines SIP in detail, and explains how to develop applications working with SIP. The course looks at the background of SIP, how it is used, the architecture, how it differs from H.323, and how to develop applications for SIP.