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General Soft Skills


Effective Communications

Communicating effectively is critical. Whether you are talking in person, on the telephone, sending emails, or presenting, getting your message across clearly and effectively is always necessary. This course looks at the components of communications, how to develop your message and present it with effectiveness, and how to make sure you get your point across every time.

Effective Presentations

Whether you are presenting in front of your peers, your team, your customers, or your bosses, you need to make sure your message is clear and easily understood. This course helps you develop effective presentations and works on presentation skills, allowing you to be sure your message is conveyed effectively. The course looks at both developing the presentation as well as delivering it with confidence.

Successful Negotiations

We negotiate all the time, whether dealing with someone needing direction on a project or signing a multi-million dollar customer. Learning how to negotiate takes time, because there's a lot at stake and a lot of techniques to master. This course looks at the goals and approaches to negotiating, and how you can prepare in advance and carry the negotiations to your advantage every time. Whether asking for a raise or buying a company, the techniques shown in this popular course will help you.

Interviewing Skills

Whether interviewing someone for a job or trying to get information from someone, how you talk to them is a critical skill. This course looks at the best way to structure and prepare your interviews ahead of time, and how to conduct them when you are in the interview. Whether you are conducting the interview, or being interviewed, the approaches apply just as well, and this course shows you the skills and techniques you need for successful interviews.

Handling Stress Effectively

We all get stressed. Usually stress is a combination of many factors, both professional and personal. Managing stress is something most people can't do, and their work and personal lives suffer because of it. This course shows you how to identify, isolate, prioritize, and tackle the issues that are causing stress, how to manage stressful situations, and how to cope with stress on a regular basis.