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Management and Leadership Courses


General Management Courses

Whether you are a newly appointed manager or a veteran, management skills are critical. Often, managers are thrust into positions of responsibility with little or no training, and left to cope. That's where these courses come in. These are all short (1 day or less) training sessions that will help you manage on a day-to-day basis.

Managing Time Effectively

For most people, using their time effectively is a challenge. This is especially true for managers who must complete a wide range of tasks every day. Not only there is your own tasks, but you also have to manage your team, your projects, and your personal life as well. Getting everything done is often difficult. This course looks at time management techniques, applicable to managers of all levels, and shows several approaches for getting things done, on time, every time.

Managing Teams For Optimum Results

Teamwork is critical to the success of any company and project, but having the responsibility of managing a team is not as easy a task as most people think. There are interpersonal issues to deal with on top of all the professional issues. This course shows you how to structure, manage, and maintain a team for maximum effectiveness and harmony. Problems will occur with any team, and this course also shows you how to manage those problems.

Managing Effective Meetings

Meetings are an unavoidable part of everyone's day. Unfortunately, meetings tend to be long, unfocussed, and a waste of time for those attending. Getting the most out of your meetings, and seeing how to run an effective meeting whether you are the chairperson or not is important, and that's the focus of this course. You can often avoid meetings entirely, saving time, and maximize the effectiveness of those meetings you must have. You'll see lots of techniques in this course for getting the most out of the meetings you do attend.

How to Delegate Successfully

Giving up control and depending on someone else to complete a task is difficult for most managers. Learning how to delegate and still maintain some vestige of control is the first step, eventually leading to trusting your colleagues to complete tasks without your intervention. However, when your reputation and responsibilities are on the line, delegating important tasks can be a stressful process. This course shows you how to develop confidence and trust in your people, as well as how to manage the delegation process successfully.

Motivating Your Employees

Motivating employees is not a matter of a pep-talk, t-shirts, or free lunches. All those "motivational" tools last for a very short time. Long-term motivation is necessary for all teams, and this is especially true when things are not going well. this course looks at the driving factors of workers, what they need from management, and how you can combine their needs with yours. Motivating people is often easy to do, as long as you understand the issues.

Managing Change

Change is always present, and change often scares people. Change has many faces, too, and each has to be dealt with differently. The change in corporate direction, change in projects, and change in team membership all are critical stages in any company or team, and it is the manager's task to manage the change effectively and keep employees motivated and content. This course looks at how you can effectively manage change for yourself, and your team or company.


Everyone talks about leadership but few really understand what it means, and how to be a good leader. These courses, usually 1 day or less, help you understand leadership, learn how to be an effective leader, and see useful leadership skills.

Leadership Skills

Most people are managers, not leaders. There are different skill sets required for each task. Leadership is a critical skill for success, both personally and professionally, and this course looks at what a leader is and what a leader does. Learning how to be a leader is not difficult, but most people do not understand what is involved. Leaders are made, not born, and this course helps you develop the approach you need to be an effective leader. Whether you are a manager or a new-hire, you can be a leader and bring a new approach to your team and company.

Being an Effective Leader

Effective leadership is a combination of many skills and talents. This course looks at the component of leadership and how you can use different techniques to enhance your approaches. You'll see a number of different leadership analyses, and when they apply. You will also see how you can continue to develop your own leadership skills so that people want to work with you, and will follow you throughout your career.